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Tomahawk Nation 2012 Community Mock Class Results

First off, thanks to everybody who participated. We had over 650 participants in each survey. To get to the point, here is the mock class based on the consensus of the community. Prospects in bold are prospects that are uncommitted or were uncommitted at the time the surveys opened.

QB Jameis Winston, QB Sean Maguire, RB Mario Pender, WR Marvin Bracy, WR Ricardo Louis, TE Christo Kourtzidis, OL Daniel Glauser, OL Menelik Watson, DE Mario Edwards, Jr., DE Chris Casher, DE Dante Fowler, Jr., DE Leonard Williams, DT Eddie Goldman, DT Justin Shanks, DT Dalvon Stuckey, LB Markuss Eligwe, LB Reggie Northrup, CB Ronald Darby, DB P.J. Williams, K Roberto Aguayo, P Cason Beatty

This is class of 21 total prospects, which falls right in line with FSU's available numbers. However, the community did have some prospects that were too close to call.

A breakdown of some of the more interesting results is after the jump.

We'll start with the prospects who were already committed to FSU when the polls opened. The community as a whole does not foresee any defections, and there seems to be little uncertainty over the committed prospects. The biggest doubt surrounds Dante Fowler, Jr., but over 60% of respondents still rated their confidence at at least 8 our of 10. Things may have changed some with Fowler's official visit to Florida, but as of last week the community felt pretty confident that the Noles would hold on.

For the uncommitted prospects, we'll start on the offensive side of the ball. The most interesting prospect here may be Ricardo Louis. Over 70% rated FSU's chances at a 6 or higher. As it turns out, Louis has since committed to and decommitted from FSU. Confidence was also high on another prospect who has since committed to FSU in Menelik Watson. The majority of participants rated the Noles' chances with Watson at a 7 or higher. The community was pretty evenly distributed on the chances with Andrus Peat. 49% of the community rated FSU's chances at a 4 or lower, and more posters selected 5 than any other number. However, Noles fans may be feeling more pessimistic since Peat missed his official visit to Tallahassee. Participants were also not confident on signing Nelson Agholor, with over 60% rating the chances as a 3 or lower.

Things get a little more interesting with the defensive prospects. The community was barely confident enough to include Leonard Williams in the class as 51% rated the chances at 6 or higher. However, more posters (27%) rated the chances as an even 5 than any other number. Fans were feeling slightly more confident on flipping UM commitment Reggie Northrup with 55% rating FSU's chances at 6 or higher. Tomahawk Nation is also feeling positive about the chances of signing Eddie Goldman and Ronald Darby as the majority rated FSU's chances at an 8 or higher for both prospects. Participants were feeling much less confident on the chances with Josh Harvey-Clemons and Tracy Howard with the majority rating the chances at 3 or lower for both prospects. As for A.J. Leggett and Colin Blake, the results were evenly distributed across the board. Most participants selected a rating of 5 for both prospects. Obviously things have changed with Leggett committing to Marshall, but perhaps things are looking up for FSU with Blake's decommitment from Texas A&M.