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For the 2nd straight game FSU went with a three-guard lineup for virtually the entire night. This strategy began with a disastrous 1st half against Princeton. Then the staff eliminated the screens on the wings which were designed to get the proper angle on post entry passes, and the cross screens in the paint that were designed to free the post player to receive that pass. This was typically timed poorly, and FSU either forced a bad entry pass, or swung it around the perimeter with no real threat. Instead the staff kept the same attacking angles, but began doing it off the dribble. FSU outscored Princeton by 17 once they adopted that philosophy, and the solid play continued tonight as FSU rolled a decent Auburn team 85-56. The offense flowed almost entirely through the guards as FSU's bigs only attempted 11 shots (making 10), most of which were dunks or layups after penetration. FSU shot 71% on 2s, 25% on 3s and 85% on FTs.

Michael Snaer scored a career high 22 shots (on a ridiculously efficient 9 shots), Ian Miller scored 15 and Xavier Gibson added 12. Play got sloppy in the 2nd half, especially with all 5 starters on the bench, but on the night the Noles still "only" turned it over 16 times in a 73 possession game (21.9%). FSU scored 1.16 points per possession, which is their best offensive game of the year, and limited Auburn to 0.77, which is their 2nd worst game of the year.

Now the Noles (9-5) enter conference play, and travel to Clemson on Saturday.