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The 2011 Tomahawk Nation Tommy Awards: Story/Editorial of the Year

Welcome to the inaugural edition of Tomahawk Nation's yearly awards, the Tommy's. Created to recognize the brilliance of our 6,000+ member community and staff, I would go so far as to say that receipt of a Tommy is one of the highest honors achievable in the sports blogging interwebs. Without further ado, your editors present four nominees for 2011's Story/Editorial of the Year category, each penned by a different staff member as lead author:

A. "Simple Rule Change Could Help ACC Scheduling" - Bud Elliott

2. "FSU's Open Fall Practice: 'GET 'EM IN THE HUDDLE'" - onebarrelrum (with K-Man and fsu44 assist)

D. "Rock The Doak: A Decibel Diary of Doak Campbell Stadium" - The K-Man

IX. "Thanks, But I'd Prefer to Stand" - fsu44

All four were extremely well-written and the choice is not an easy one. Take a moment to reacquaint yourself with the nominees (they are all linked) and then cast your all-important vote. The voting period will end one week from today at the end of the day.