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The 2011 Tomahawk Nation Tommy Awards: Fanpost of the Year

The second Tommy of our inaugural edition of site awards will go to the author of the fanpost that Tomahawk Nation deems the best of 2011. The competition was again intense and it will be up to the community to bestow the prestigious recognition a Tommy conveys upon one of our four nominees for Fanpost of the Year. They are:

A. "The FSU Running Game: Yard-By-Yard" - Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

2. "Conference Realignment (and FSU): A FAQ" - LouC (with a nod to TheJim)

D. "Tracking FSU Defensive YPP Using Shewhart Charts" - chemenole

IX. "Oklahoma Offensive Success: A Preliminary Look" - FSU

Again, the voting will close one week from today at the end of the day. Happy voting!Tn-logo-xl_medium