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The Noles ACC season begins with a dud

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In the recap following the Stetson game (3rd game of the season) I seriously questions the staff's ability to motivate this team. Then in the Auburn post-game comments Leonard Hamilton partially let the cat out of the bag by publicly questioning his seniors. This was a big moment for Hamilton as this is something he doesn't do. He never names names but he was referring to Jon Kreft, Xavier Gibson and possibly others. Regardless, in their first ACC game of the season FSU traveled to Clemson and put forth what may be the least inspired defensive performance I ever recall from a Leonard Hamilton coached team. Clemson, the 193rd ranked offense in the nation, was consistently allowed wide open shots, and consistently allowed to drive the lane with absolutely no help defense to get in their way. And with the offense struggling to make shots FSU was blown out 79-59 in a 67 possession game.

Clemson entered the game shooting 47.5% on 2s and that includes games against cupcakes. Today they shot 60%. Clemson entered the game 303rd in FTAs (16.5 per game) and today shot 33. Had FSUs defense simply been the average of Clemson's opponents (and this included cupcakes) then the score would have been 66-59. But FSUs defense is supposed to be elite. It's supposed to win them games like this one. If the defense goes away, this is a really bad team.

Now the Noles go on the road to face Virginia Tech, and two of their three following games are vs UNC and at Duke. If the staff can't figure out a way to motivate this team then 6 seniors will be finishing their careers in the CIT.