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Florida State Seminoles VS Boston College Eagles: Gameday Central

Florida State suffered a horrific loss in horrific fashion last week in Raleigh. Nothing short of a beat-down over a reeling Boston College team will help calm a fan base in turmoil.

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There are heartbreaking losses in college football. What happened in Raleigh was not heartbreaking. It was infuriating. Elite teams do not blow 16 point halftime leads. Elite coaches do not go 6-4 when favored by 10.5-17 points. A fan base, confidant real progress had been made, is left with disbelief and questions after an epic second half collapse. Three games into conference play, with a win over Clemson, FSU does not control its path to an ACC title.

Where does Florida State go from here? For many fans, a win after a devastating loss proves to be therapeutic. A win becomes a cure all for doubt, shock, and the pain of earning an L. "Everything is ok, we're back on track." However, this time, with a historically bad Boston College team coming to town, a simple win won't cut it. Fans are angry and want a blowout in Doak Campbell.

Perhaps humiliating a team with a truly terrible defense will pull some fans back from the brink...perhaps. A close win over Boston College, and the NC State debacle and offensive struggles against USF, are not an anomaly. Instead, they become the norm. Red flags raised with the bulk of road games left to play.

How will Jimbo Fisher handle this game? Has the 'Noles' head coach learned any lessons from past failures? Will he acquiesce to the demands of a riled up fan base and destroy a bad ACC team without mercy? Is his team even capable of such a performance? Of course, the down side is that BC really is that bad. Maybe we don't get an answer to any of these questions until the 'Noles travel to Miami. Either way, it's probably worth watching.

What score, as a fan of Florida State, will make you feel better? If not a score, what about execution, mentality, or aggression. What will it take to convince you Saturday was a fluke?

For all games, times, and network information, SB Nation has you covered.

Your #GOACC game of the week: 5-1 Duke vs. 3-3 Virginia Tech.

Noon/Afternoon Game Thread

Noon 15 Texas 4-1 Dallas 13 Oklahoma 3-1 ABC

Noon Northwestern 5-1 at Minnesota 4-1 ESPN 2

12:30 p.m. Duke 5-1 at Virginia Tech 3-3 ACC Network

2:30 p.m. North Carolina 4-2 at Miami 4-2 ESPNU

3 p.m. Maryland 3-2 at Virginia 2-4 RSN, NESN

3:30 p.m. 17 Stanford 4-1 at 7 Notre Dame 5-0 NBC

3:30 p.m. 5 West Virginia 5-0 at Texas Tech 4-1 ABC

5:30 PM Florida State vs Boston College ESPN 2

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Halftime

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter

Late Game Thread - After conclusion of FSU Game

8 p.m. 3 S. Carolina 6-0 at 9 LSU 5-1 ESPN

9 p.m. Tennessee 3-2 at 19 Miss. State 5-0 ESPN 2

9:15 p.m. 22 Texas A&M 4-1 Shreveport 23 LA Tech 5-0 ESPNU