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Florida State Ranked 10th in Coaches Poll

Florida State sneaks back into the top 10 in the Coaches Poll. Stays put at 12 in the AP.

Stacy Revere - Getty Images

Florida State returned home to Doak Campbell and destroyed a terrible Boston College team. It was good enough for FSU to move up one spot to 10 in the Coaches Poll, the one that matters. In the poll that doesn't matter, the AP, FSU stays the same at 12.

The big upset of the week was West Virginia. Their offense couldn't save them against a Texas Tech team that schemed well to stop them. And West Virginia's defense, was well, West Virginia's defense. The result was an embarrassing beat down. In the Coaches Poll, WVU tumbled from 4 all the way to 15.

A marquee game of the day was the Red River Rivalry (SHOOTOUT!). Texas also turned in a West Virginia like performance. Texas, it seems, plays tackle optional football. What was supposed to be a good game, was over by the first half. Texas falls out of the rankings completely after two straight losses. What was a very good win for West Virginia a week ago, doesn't look all that impressive now.

Les Miles on Death Valley, his home crowd, and the win over number 3 South Carolina, "That was Death Valley. That was the place where opponents' dreams come to die -- and it was spectacular." Miles perfectly sums up the LSU/South Carolina game. Thanks Les! LSU moves up two spots to 6 and South Carolina drops two spots to 8.

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