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Florida State Ranked 7th in Coaches/9th in BCS

A drubbing of Duke coupled with losses in the top 10, moves Florida State up 3 spots. 'Noles check in at number 7.

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I get penalized for playing football.
I get penalized for playing football.
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

Florida State smashed bowl eligible Duke at home. Florida, USC, Oklahoma, and Oregon State all lost providing room for a new top 10. FSU jumps 3 spots to number 7.

All year Florida had been winning ugly. Finally they lost one. And it was ugly. USC put up a whole bunch of points and yards and still lost to Rich Rod's Arizona team. Oklahoma couldn't move the ball against an excellent Notre Dame defense. Oregon State lost to 4-4 Washington. Washington has wins over Stanford and now Oregon State. Best 4-4 team in the country?

That's 4 teams in front of Florida State that lost. However, Georgia jumps FSU and checks in at 6. Clemson was also a big benefactor after Saturday's games. They jump 4 spots to number 9. Look at you ACC with two teams in the top 10.

How far Florida State moves up in the BCS is yet to be determined. The climb could be even more significant. Teams in front of FSU in the BCS rankings that lost: Florida, Oklahoma, Oregon State, USC, and Mississippi State. Those losses combined with higher ranking in the Coaches poll will certainly help. Florida will probably remain in the top 10. Florida State will likely be ranked between 8 and 10. We'll update the story when the rankings are released.

See the entire Coaches Poll here.

BCS update. Florida State checks in at 9 in the BCS rankings. Two loss South Carolina takes the 8 spot.