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Florida State football practice report 10.02.12

Tuesday's practice had the 'Noles cleaning up some of their mistakes.

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

The 'Noles took the practice fields on Tuesday afternoon with anticipation growing for their second away game of the season in Raleigh this Saturday. There was also a scout from the New York Jets out there today, keeping a close eye on the offensive line. After their not so perfect game in Tampa this past weekend, the 'Noles were working on some of the little things Tuesday afternoon.

The team came out and had a good day, working hard to tighten up the basics -- Jimbo was pleased.

"Today was a good day," said coach Fisher. "I'm really pleased with how our guys came out today and worked hard out there."

Dustin Hopkins seemed to be putting in a little extra work out there today and actually made a pair of 67 yard field goal -- one from each hash mark, but Hopkins wasn't the only one. Cam Erving was working hard to sharpen up his technique on EJ Manual's weak-side.

"Cam got beat a couple of times this last weekend but I'm very proud of him," said Fisher. "He's done a great job out there, and playing that position is like playing quarterback -- you're going to make a few bad decisions."

With the 'Noles traveling to Raleigh this Saturday, they have something else to prepare for -- the crowd being right on top of the field. Jimbo Fisher sporke about the crowd noise.

"Tomorrow we'll crank the noise," said Fisher. "I needed a couple of days to be able to talk to the guys and then we'll prepare for that."

While the 'Noles will be preparing for the noise, the defense gets to prepare to play against more of a traditional offense for the first time this season. With the Wolfpack starting more of a pocket passer, the defensive line will be able to get after the quarterback.

"Those guys are definitely excited about playing this kind of offense," said Fisher. "They do a good job of mixing things up but they don't have that mobile quarterback."

Tomorrow's practice is closed to the media but expect them to start preparing for the noise. The speakers will most likely be out until they depart for Raleigh, but as of now, it looks like they're working on the little things and seem excited about another game on the road.