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Florida State football film review: USF 1st Quarter

Florida State's offense looked fine in the first quarter, and the defense tried out some unexpected wrinkles before settling in to a more conservative (and effective) gameplan in the later quarters. USF moved the ball, but FSU accomplished its goals set out in the preview.

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Note: offensive formations are labeled [# of running backs][# of tight ends][shotgun, if applicable]. Defensive formations are [# of down linemen][# of linebackers]

Down Distance Play O-Form D-Form Analysis
HOPKINS, D. kickoff 61 yards to the USF4, HOPKINS, Derric return 19 yards to the USF23. Karlos Williams misses a tackle that would have kept USF inside their own 20.
1-10 at Usf23 MURRAY, Demetri rush for 8 yards to the USF31 (CARRADINE, C.). 11 gun 425 Power play left gets way too many yards inside.
2-2 at Usf31 LAMAR, Lindsey rush for 7 yards to the USF38, 1ST DOWN USF (CARRADINE, C.). 11 gun 425 Another succesfull inside run. DTs getting walled off.
1-10 at Usf38 MURRAY, Demetri rush for 5 yards to the USF43 (MOODY, N.;CARRADINE, C.). 11 gun 43 Dive play. Still too many yards but DL starting to get their footing.
2-5 at Usf43 DANIELS, B.J. rush for 2 yards to the USF45 (CARRADINE, C.). 11 gun 425 Vince Williams times his blitz perfectly but runs by the ball carrier. Still disrupts the play enough to cause a short gain.
3-3 at Usf45 DANIELS, B.J. rush for 12 yards to the FS43, 1ST DOWN USF (BROOKS, T.). 11 gun 425 QB Power to the boundary. USF has a numbers advantage on the play and Xavier Rhodes gets caught inside. They will come back to this.
1-10 at Fs43 DANIELS, B.J. pass complete to LANDI, Evan for 25 yards to the FS18, 1ST DOWN USF (RHODES, X.). 11 gun 425 TE wheel route out of the backfield. Christian Jones caught looking in the backfield. Stop me if you've heard this before.

1-10 at Fs18 DANIELS, B.J. pass complete to MURRAY, Demetri for 2 yards to the FS16 (SMITH, TEL.;DAWKINS, E.). 11 gun 425 Shovel option. Linemen beat the OL's blocks and tackle for a minimal gain. Solid defense.
2-8 at Fs16 LAMAR, Lindsey rush for 1 yard to the FS15 (MCCLOUD, A.). 11 gun 425 Power play to the right for minimal yardage. Defense stiffening up nicely in the red zone.
3-7 at Fs15 DANIELS, B.J. pass incomplete to MARC, Victor. 11 gun 43 Backside screen play fools no one. Nick Moody ready to decapitate the back if he has the temerity to catch it.
4-7 at Fs15 BONANI, Maikon field goal attempt from 32 GOOD, clock 11:18.
USF 3, Florida State 0
Drive: 10 plays, 62 yards, TOP 03:42 Too much running room inside to begin the drive. The QB power and wheel route to the TE get USF into FG range before the defense clamps down and forces the FG attempt. 6.2 yards per play. Not good, but did force USF to drive the length of the field.
KLOSS, Marvin kickoff 62 yards to the FS3, WILLIAMS, K. return 60 yards to the USF37. USF kicker slips on the turf and kicks it just short of the end zone. Pure speed from Karlos Williams stuns the USF coverage team as he simply runs right by the only guy who had a shot at him.
1-10 at Usf37 THOMPSON, C. rush for no gain to the USF37 (MIMS, Tevin;GRISSOM, Cory). 21 gun 43 Outside zone right. Nick O'Leary gives ground and the play is forced inside. Thompson slips on his cut.
2-10 at Usf37 Manuel, EJ pass complete to SMITH, R. for 6 yards to the USF31 (WEBSTER, Kayvon). 11 gun 43 Quick slant against soft coverage. Taking the free yards.
3-4 at Usf31 Manuel, EJ pass complete to DENT, G. for 11 yards to the USF20, 1ST DOWN FS (JENKINS, JaQuez). 11 gun 43 Same play, but hit the inside slant. DB made contact early, then let go to avoid a penalty just as the ball arrives allowing Dent some YAC.
1-10 at Usf20 THOMPSON, C. rush for 10 yards to the USF10, 1ST DOWN FS (LEJISTE, Jon;JOYCE, Mark). 21 43 FB belly fake, option pitch outside. Play is going nowhere but Chris Thompson breaks a tackle and gets 10 yards. Thompson is running with surprising power and determination for a guy his size. Cam Erving blocks wrong guy
1-G at Usf10 GREENE, R. rush for 10 yards to the USF0, TOUCHDOWN, clock 08:57. 21 425 End around to Rashad Greene for a touchdown. Good block Rodney Smith. TE needs to set edge better so Pryor can climb to and block safety.
HOPKINS, D. kick attempt good.
Florida State 7, USF 3
Drive: 5 plays, 37 yards, TOP 02:21 FSU doing whatever it wants on this drive.
HOPKINS, D. kickoff 58 yards to the USF7, HOPKINS, Derric return 20 yards to the USF27 (HOPKINS, D.). FSU kick coverage actually gets blocked for once, and Joyner does not stay in his lane.
1-10 at Usf27 DANIELS, B.J. pass incomplete to SHIELDS, Andrea. 12 gun 425 Play action drag route. BJ Daniels unable to get it over Christian Jones in coverage.
2-10 at Usf27 MURRAY, Demetri rush for 11 yards to the USF38, 1ST DOWN USF (WAISOME, N.;NEWBERRY, G.). 12 gun 425 Outside zone to the bunch side gets the corner. Tyler Hunter being blocked by a TE. That is a matchup advantage for USF. FSU will sub in a linebacker in response.
1-10 at Usf38 LAMAR, Lindsey rush for 1 yard to the USF39 (JERNIGAN, T.). 12 gun 43 Dive play goes nowhere. DL controlling their man.
2-9 at Usf39 PENALTY FS offside defense (SMITH, TEL.) 5 yards to the USF44. 12 gun 43 FSU bringing a double A gap blitz and Telvin mistimes it.
2-4 at Usf44 MURRAY, Demetri rush for loss of 2 yards to the USF42. 12 gun 43 Outside zone. Demonte Mcallister pushes his man 3 yards into the backfield, forcing the back to make an awkward cut and lose his footing.
3-6 at Usf42 DANIELS, B.J. pass complete to WELCH, Deonte for 13 yards to the FS45, 1ST DOWN USF (RHODES, X.). 11 gun 425 WR motions across formation and runs a flat route. Waisome follows him, but is way too far behind at the snap and then misses the tackle. Have to stay even with the motion man. USF will come back to this.
1-10 at Fs45 DANIELS, B.J. rush for 3 yards to the FS42 (SMITH, TEL.). 11 gun 425 Play action half rollout. Daniels avoids Telvin Smith in the backfield, but he hustles back to the play and makes the tackle after a 3 yard scramble.
2-7 at Fs42 DANIELS, B.J. rush for 3 yards to the FS39 (MCCLOUD, A.). 11 gun 43 Fake jet sweep, QB dive. No doubt picked this up from the Clemson film, where Tajh Boyd converted a number of 3rd downs on this play.
3-4 at Fs39 DANIELS, B.J. pass incomplete to MITCHELL, Terre. 12 gun 43 Motion across the formation to a flat route again. Brooks stays with him but gets too deep. BJ Daniels throws at the feet of an open receiver.
4-4 at Fs39 BROCKHAUS-KANN punt 32 yards to the FS7, downed.
Drive: 8 plays, 34 yards, TOP 03:48 4.25 yards per play. Defense is slowly tightening up. Aided by Daniels' inability to hit open receivers.
1-10 at Fs07 PRYOR, L. rush for 44 yards to the USF49, 1ST DOWN FS (JENKINS, JaQuez;BARRINGTON, Sam). 21 gun 43 Lonnie Pryor, world! Great cut inside when the sam backer tries to run around a block. Shifty little jump cut and then a get-out-of-my-way-son shove to another tackler. It takes three USF defenders to finally bring him down. Nice blocks by Erving and Chris Thompson

1-10 at Usf49 Manuel, EJ pass incomplete to SHAW, K.. 11 gun 43 EJ just misses Kenny Shaw who is open on a post route, putting it behind and beyond him.
2-10 at Usf49 THOMPSON, C. rush for 4 yards to the USF45 (WEBSTER, Kayvon). 11 gun 43 Zone read but with an interesting wrinkle. Matias actually pulls from his playside guard spot. Thompson needs to stick this up and not dance here.
3-6 at Usf45 Manuel, EJ rush for no gain to the USF45 (MIMS, Tevin). 11 gun 43 Cam Erving gives up some pressure here, but EJ has to be more aware of the down and distance. He gets caught staring downfield under a heavy rush and never gets to his underneath reads that are wide open for a first down. USF did have very good coverage downfield.
4-6 at Usf45 PENALTY FS false start (BENJAMIN, K.) 5 yards to the 50 yardline.
4-11 at Fs50 BEATTY, C. punt 44 yards to the USF6, downed. Great punt and coverage.
Drive: 4 plays, 43 yards, TOP 02:11 Missed opportunities here by not scoring after the explosive play.
1-10 at Usf06 PENALTY USF holding 3 yards to the USF3.
1-10 at Usf03 DANIELS, B.J. rush for 21 yards to the USF24, 1ST DOWN USF (WAISOME, N.). 11 gun 43 Inverted veer play. Daniels does a great job riding the back as long as possible, causing Vince Williams to overrun his gap, before pulling the ball and getting up the middle for a big gain. Tank Carradine is also responsible for QB here and he also doesn't get him.
1-10 at Usf24 LAMAR, Lindsey rush for 3 yards to the USF27 (WILLIAMS, V.). 11 pistol 425 Pistol dive goes nowhere. FSU really shutting down the traditional inside runs now.
2-7 at Usf27 DANIELS, B.J. pass complete to DUNKLEY, Chris for 10 yards to the USF37, 1ST DOWN USF. 11 gun 425 FSU has a double A gap blitz with zone coverage behind it on. USF runs a half-roll play with a comeback route. Perfect play call against the blitz. Dunkley's heel appears to be out of bounds but it is upheld on review.
1-10 at Usf37 DANIELS, B.J. pass incomplete to MITCHELL, Terre (WAISOME, N.). 20 gun 425 Fade route against press man coverage. The receiver initially has a sliver of separation, but the ball is slightly underthrown which allows Waisome to recover and make a nice breakup. Uses the sideline well.
2-10 at Usf37 Timeout USF, clock 01:33.
2-10 at Usf37 DANIELS, B.J. rush for 1 yard to the USF38 (CARRADINE, C.). Option. Carradine, Williams and Moody string and stop it.
3-9 at Usf38 DANIELS, B.J. pass complete to HOPKINS, Derric for 12 yards to the 50 yardline, 1ST DOWN USF (HUNTER, T.). 11 gun 425 Again USF motions a WR across the formation to a flat route, but this time hits an out route behind it. Decent coverage by Hunter, just a good route and throw here.
1-10 at Usf50 Timeout Florida State, clock 00:35. Alignment bust here. No one was over the USF receiver to the field. Joyner appears to notice it just as the sideline calls the timeout.
1-10 at Usf50 MURRAY, Demetri rush for 6 yards to the FS44 (SMITH, TEL.). 11 gun 425 Not a big crease, but Murray runs through a tackle here.
2-4 at Fs44 PENALTY USF false start (HOPKINS, Derric) 5 yards to the FS49.