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Florida State Drops To 12 In AP Poll

After a meltdown in Raleigh, Florida State drops 9 spots to 12 in the AP poll. FSU is also out of the top 10 in the Coaches poll at 11.

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Florida State didn't need style points in Raleigh. They just needed to win. FSU failed and took a hit in the rankings. It could be worse. A ranking of 12 in the AP and 11 in the Coaches is, perhaps, not as much punishment as a number three team deserves after losing to unranked NC State. Florida State is now the 3rd highest ranked 1 loss team behind LSU and USC in both polls.

There was a lot confirmed about LSU in a loss to UF. Yes, the UF defense is elite but LSU has no offense. UF was able to pull out a close game in the second half. However, for UF, there is plenty to prove. After Vanderbilt they play South Carolina. South Carolina does have an offense. They looked like a top 3 team in dismantling Georgia and their ranking reflects it.

Clemson managed to hold off Georgia Tech in a game that had very little defense. Of course, that was expected. The rankings though, get strange for Clemson. They move down one spot to 16 in the AP. In the Coaches, they move up 2 spots to 13.

Florida State will like only face one ranked team the rest of the season in UF. UF is now ranked 4 in the AP and 6 in the Coaches. Miami had a chance to get ranked before the 'Noles came to town, but was blown out by Notre Dame.

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