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Tomahawk Nation Gameday Central: Escape Velocity

Florida State didn't lose. Half the teams that play Saturday will. So sit back, relax, and enjoy another stress free Saturday of college football.

Happy Saturday football watching. The happiness brought to you by Rashad Greene.
Happy Saturday football watching. The happiness brought to you by Rashad Greene.
Geoff Burke

Florida State has a mini-break after a win in Blacksburg Thursday night. That means no 'Nole football this Saturday. Sure, you could take the kids to the fair, go see a movie, clean the gutters, take the wife/husband/significant other on a date. Yep, the world is your oyster. Of course doing any of those things would be a terrible decision.

There are precious few weekends left of the 2012 college football season. The opportunity to perfect your BBQ skills while drinking and watching football for 12 hours straight will soon be over.

Fresno State (7-3) vs Nevada (6-3) kicks off at 10:35 PM ET. "Who cares, that game means nothing, so boring, I've lost control of my eyelids." Fine, but in July? "GIVE ME BULLDOG-WOLF PACK GRIDIRON GLORY!" As we near the end of the season, remember that feeling. That July feeling. It sucks. College football doesn't suck. Enjoy accordingly.

For all games, times, and network information, SB Nation has you covered.

Noon/Afternoon Game Thread

Noon Miami 5-4 at Virginia 3-6 ABC

Noon 9 Louisville 9-0 at Syracuse 4-5 ABC

12:21 PM ULL 5-3 at 6 Florida 8-1 SEC Network

3:00 PM 11 Oregon St. 7-1 at 14 Stanford 7-2 FOX

3:30 PM 15 Texas A&M 7-2 at 1 Alabama 9-0 CBS

Night Game Thread

7:00 PM 21 Miss. State 7-2 at 7 LSU 7-2 ESPN

7:00 PM 2 Kansas State 9-0 at TCU 6-3 FOX

8:00 PM 4 Notre Dame 9-0 at Boston College 2-7 ABC

10:30 PM 3 Oregon 9-0 at California 3-7 ESPN

10:35 PM Fresno State 7-3 at Nevada 6-3 NBCSN