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Florida State Ranked 6th in Coaches Poll/10th in BCS

After a win in Blacksburg, Florida State remains ranked 6th in the Coaches Poll.

Geoff Burke

Florida State escaped with a last minute win against Virginia Tech. However, in the Coaches Poll, there was no room to move up. The 'Noles retain the 6 spot. That's good enough to be ranked ahead of UF who found themselves in a fight against LA-Lafayette at home.

Alabama's stranglehold on the number 1 spot has come to an end. The Texas A&M victory over the Tide has helped pave the way for Oregon (1), Kansas State (2), and Notre Dame (3). The Tide drops to number 5 while Georgia takes the 4th spot. The one loss SEC teams will likely need two of the undefeated teams to lose to get back to the championship game.

The only team to drop out of the top 10 was Louisville. They were pummeled by 5-5 Syracuse. They drop out providing room for Texas A&M to take the 10th spot. Number 9 Clemson now finds themselves sandwiched by two 2 loss teams with A&M at 10 and LSU at 8.

For more on the full rankings, go to SB Nation.

We'll update this story when the BCS rankings are released. For now, check out the BCS projected rankings.

Update: Florida State remains ranked 10th in the BCS. Another two loss SEC team, Texas A&M, moves ahead of the 'Noles in the top 10.