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Noles win 95-68. Instant Analysis

While Matt participates in the post-game presser, here are a few observations before his game recap and before I re-watch the game.

Kevin C. Cox
  • This was a 74 possession game (if my calcs are correct). That's 1.28 points per possession (PPP) against a defense which will be better than at least two ACC teams. And that's playing everyone who showed up. That's better offense than every game FSU played last season.
  • A defense of 0.92 PPP is decent, considering the opponent. The prime culprits were multiple back cuts where the perimeter player failed to rotate down and cut off, and a silly 13 offensive boards allowed off of 27 missed shots (48% OR% allowed).
  • Montay Brandon continues to impress. Not only did he get his first start as a Seminole, but he controlled the offense while he was in, and took advantage of his height against smaller guards (something he absolutely has to do to be successful).
  • Devon Bookert clearly wasn't in game shape, but he played smart, and he played fast but under control. He's going to change the complexion of this team once fully healthy.
  • All the dunks. All of them. This team is ridiculously athletic, probably the most athletic since Al's junior year.
  • Okaro White is a different player. He still needs to be more aggressive looking for his shot.
  • Michael Snaer (19), Okaro (13) and Aaron Thomas (10) were the double-figure scorers.
  • And a good lesson for the young guys. Terry Whisnant didn't get the start, but he played more minutes than anyone. Listen to the coaches, accept your role, do your job.