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Florida State Ranked 5th in Coaches Poll

After a crazy weekend, FSU moves up one spot to 5 in the Coaches Poll.

Rob Carr

Just another weekend of college football. The number 1 and 2 teams toppled on the same night. Kansas State and Oregon both lose to big underdogs. That makes room for Florida State to move up one spot to number 5 in the Coaches Poll. Oregon lost at home to a good Stanford team in overtime. They remain in front of FSU at 4. Kansas State got blown out on the road by now 5-5 Baylor. They tumble all the way to 8.

Clemson's point extravaganza against NC State wasn't enough to move them up from the 9 spot. Florida moves up one spot to 6. LSU, at 8-2 and an escape against Ole Miss, gets to move up one to 7. LSU and Texas A&M (10) are the only 2 loss teams still in the top 10. Stanford's win over the Ducks wasn't quite enough, putting them just outside at 11.

What impact will the one spot move have on Florida State in the BCS? Hard to say, best case scenario would be a move to 7. FSU will likely either stay at 10 or perhaps bump up one to 9. Any big movement in the BCS will be earned if Florida State knocks off Florida next weekend. As far a BCS game goes, Florida State earned a spot in the ACC Championship game by taking care of business against the Terps. That is, by far, FSU's best chance of making a BCS game.

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We'll update this story with the BCS ranking when they are released.