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Update on Opponents and Games to Watch

With the season now 3 or 4 games old for most teams, I thought I'd give the first update on how our opponents are performing--since as we have seen so clearly in football how important a strong SOS is.


As of games completed on or before November 20th, FSU's opponents combine for a 71-42 record, which is a 62.8% winning percentage. Now a couple things should be noted about that:

1. These are only games counted by the RPI. Games against D2 teams or lower (like Chaminade for example) are not actually figured into the RPI.

2. This factors many of our opponents twice, since we play teams like Miami and UNC twice.

3. Your overall strength of schedule for RPI purposes factors in both your opponents' winning percentage and you opponent's opponents' winning percentage. This allows for some teams/conferences to game the system like a house of cards by having the best teams play all the other best teams (the ACC is in fact doing that this season in conference play), but that's another conversation for another day.

It's a little early to start counting "good wins" and "bad losses" as the sample size is still too small to generate accurate RPI results. However, for anyone keeping track, St. Joes is currently inside the RPI top 100 at 3-1 and South Alabama is currently outside the top 100 at 1-2. Future opponents doing well so far include Minnesota, UF, UNCC, VT, and Duke--all of these teams are undefeated with either 3-0 or 4-0 records.

Speaking of future opponents, if you are interested in watching some basketball over the holidays in between trips to the trough, there are a few nice games involving at least 1 future opponent that will be on TV.

1. UNC, a night after being blown out by Butler, will face Chaminade tonight in the 3rd place game out in Maui. Game is on ESPN2 and 7:30 Eastern.

2. Duke and Minnesota will square off tomorrow in a very interesting first round matchup in the Battle 4 Atlantis. Minnesota (our next opponent) has looked very good on defense so far, but they haven't faced anyone like Duke. The game is scheduled to tip at 2:30pm on something called (formally HDNet). This might help locating that channel. Both these teams will have games on Friday and Saturday as well, with opponents depending on the outcomes.

3. Also tomorrow, Clemson travels to red hot Gonzaga. Game tips at 9pm on ESPN2

4. And if you are really jonesing for some hoops, Georgia Tech will play Rice tomorrow night. Game is on ESPNU at 9pm, so maybe a flip-back channel for the Clemson/Gonzaga game...