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Florida State Seminoles vs Florida Gators: Gameday Central

FSU vs UF, 'nough said.

Geoff Burke

As I type this, the clock says 4:50 AM. Tallahassee....things got a bit out of control. So, for the most important gameday ever, this edition will be quite possibly the worst. Can the 'Noles compete with the mighty SEC? 'Nole fans are confident going into the annual rivalry with FSU as a 7 point favorite. To leap frog the 2 loss BCS teams, FSU must beat 10-1 Florida. A loss won't keep FSU out of a BCS game, but a loss for UF certainly will close the door on any outside BCS shot. Bowl placement be damned, this is FSU vs UF. This is state of Florida supremacy. This is Florida State vs Florida, a high stakes rivalry renewed. GO NOLES! (seriously, that's all I got).

For all games, times, and network information, SB Nation has you covered.

Noon Games

19 Michigan 8-3 at Ohio State 11-0 ABC

Virginia 4-7 at Virginia Tech 5-6 ESPNU

Miami-Florida 6-5 at Duke 6-5 ACC Network

3:30 PM FSU vs UF

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Halftime

3rd Quarater

4th Quarter

Night Games

6:30 PM 8 Stanford 9-2 at 17 UCLA 9-2 FOX

7:00 PM 12 S. Carolina 9-2 at 11 Clemson 10-1 ESPN

8:00 PM 1 Notre Dame 11-0 at USC 7-4 ABC