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Tomahawk Nation BlogPoll: Week 13

ACC burns, drops out of top 10 accordingly.

Mike Ehrmann

This is not a power poll. I don't attempt to rank teams based on how good I think they are. I only rank teams based on their resume. What have they done? Not how talented are their players or what other polls project them to do, but what have they done? The poll is designed to be dynamic. I try to start from scratch every week.

Notes: Go Irish, I guess. Hard to argue that UF belongs in the second spot at this point. Yes they have the head to head with Georgia but overall, much better list of wins. Easy to argue that Bama or Georgia would belong above UF after the SEC Championship game. Increasing the season by a game, against such a quality opponent should get weighted accordingly. Ranking 17-25 is a mess. They could easily be flipped around, some less or more so. Do Kent State and Northern Illinois even belong? Ranking San Jose State 25 pretty much sums up the season?