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Tomahawk Nation's Gameday Central: Bye Week Edition

Florida State gets some much needed rest after 9 straight weeks of work. You however, have plenty of football to watch.

Kevin C. Cox

Florida State has finally reached the bye week. But no FSU game doesn't mean no football. The bye week is the most relaxing week for any crazed fan base. Your team can't lose but, "HAHAHA LOOK AT ALL THE SAD FACES." Take advantage of the situation. In just 5 short days, FSU's 8-1 record will be back on the line. Sure VT looked horrible doing everything possible to give Miami a victory. And yes Florida State has looked outstanding on the road. Wait... Hurray for bye weeks!


  • Florida will recover strong against Mizzou. Not because Florida has fixed anything. Mizzou is just bad at football. It'll be worth watching for a quarter or so to see how the Gators respond after the loss to rival Georgia.
  • Maryland will be starting an equipment manager at QB against Georgia Tech. Ok, no, not that ridiculous. Just your run-of-the-mill freshman LB taking snaps. Please stay safe Terp quarterback linebacker person. At least Maryland picked the Georgia Tech defense to run out of all 4 scholarship QBs.

More ACCtion:

  • Your #GOACC game of the day, Clemson at Duke. There is absolutely no chance Duke's home unbeaten streak continues against Clemson. Just. No. Chance. RIGHT CLEMSON?
  • Virginia travels to Raleigh to take on NC State. Virginia has slammed back to reality in 2012. Reality hits you hard bro, indeed. NC State no longer controls the ACC Atlantic division. Normally 'executes' would be a bit much. But the NC State fan's reaction, yes, 'executes' works. Thank you Giovanni Bernard. Now please make sure you are making millions in the NFL before FSU has to play UNC.
  • Boston College vs Wake Forest: NO DATA FOUND

Marquee Matchups:

  • Texas A&M vs. Mississippi State: This actually has the makings of a good game. The fact that it takes place at noon makes it a solid football viewing choice. Especially when compared to rest of the early offerings. Maybe Oklahoma at Iowa State could...nah.
  • Texas vs. Texas Tech: Unless Texas has replaced Mac Brown and the immobile flappy arm things Texas has on defense by Saturday, could be ugly. Everything IS bigger in Texas. Including horrific program collapses.
  • Oregon vs USC: Not exactly the powerhouse November match-up it was supposed to be. The Ducks haven't been in a close game in the 4th quarter all year. Marqise Lee had 342 yards receiving for USC in a loss to Arizona last week. Sure, that makes sense. Maybe he'll bust the 500 yard barrier against Oregon. One problem, the Ducks play defense.
  • Alabama vs LSU: Match-up of the Century! Again! Three times in the same century seems a bit excessive. Besides, we've all read the script. Bama will build a 21 point lead in the second half. They will then proceed to use their defense to water board LSU until they give up all their darkest secrets. They will also quit playing. It will be a slow, painful, grinding death for LSU. Unless the artist formerly known as the Hatter has something crazy up his sleeve. College football misses that Hatter. He can prove he still exits on a national stage.
For all games, times, and network information, SB Nation has you covered.

Noon Missouri 4-4 at 7 Florida 7-1 ESPN 2

Noon 16 Texas A&M 6-2 at 15 Miss. State 7-1 ESPN

12:30 Georgia Tech 3-5 at Maryland 4-4 ACC Network

12:30 Virginia 2-6 at N.C. State 5-3 ACC Network

3:30 23 Texas 6-2 at 18 Texas Tech 6-2 ABC or ESPN 2

7:00 13 Clemson 7-1 at Duke 6-3 ESPN 2

7:00 4 Oregon 8-0 at 17 USC 6-2 FOX

8:00 24 Oklahoma St. 5-2 at 2 Kansas State 8-0 ABC

8:00 1 Alabama 8-0 at 5 LSU 7-1 CBS