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Florida State Seminoles vs Virginia Tech Hokies: Gameday Central

Florida State travels north to take on Virgnia Tech in Blacksburg. Division and conference title on the line. No biggie.

Streeter Lecka

Florida State hasn't won an ACC title since 2005. Even that year was a fluke as FSU finished 8-5. This year, the 'Noles have the chance to represent the Atlantic division with a 7-1 conference record. Standing in the way of that goal are two road games. Maryland is down to playing a LB at QB and shouldn't pose a serious threat in College Park. Virginia Tech, on the other hand, has the atmosphere, the quarterback, and the defense that could doom a shot at an ACC title.

If Florida State loses, it likely sets up a Miami vs Clemson ACC championship game. The thought of that is well, rather disturbing to 'Nole fans. Florida State wants to be back to being FLORIDA STATE. Jimbo Fisher wants to be the coach to make it happen. He has the players, the talent, and the program structure. A victory tonight is another step in the right direction. Process, it's time to meet victory. Victory, process. GO NOLES!

7:30 PM Florida State vs. Virginia Tech ESPN

1st Quarter

2nd Quarter/Halftime

3rd Quarter

4th Quarter