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The 2012 Tomahawk Nation Tommy Awards: Nominations

Ohhhhhhhhhh yes. It’s that time of year again. Time to celebrate the best of your favorite website and its 7,000+ member community.


Tomahawk Nation's Tommy Awards are among the finest recognitions up for grabs on the blogging internets, and members and staff alike have been vying for the honor of calling themselves a Tommy recipient over the past 12 months. As a refresher, take a look at last year's winners, who have been basking in their glory ever since.

2011 Tomahawk Nation Tommy Award Winners

Today we open the nominations. Here's how this works:

A.) Post the title of the award for which you're nominating your selection as the title of your comment

2.) In the body of the comment, make your nomination. If it is a comment or photoshop, please use a screenshot if possible.

D.) If you agree with a nomination that has already been posted, "rec" the comment to cement its legitimacy among the nominees.

The archives are functional, and can be found as the last option under the "sections" tab on the front page. Click the link and you'll see stories sorted by month under the 2012 listing. You may also search the fanposts and fanshots sections.

Our six awards are:

Story/Editorial of the Year

Fanpost of the Year

DocHoliday2 MS Paint/Photoshop Award

Best New Commenter

Commenter of the Year

Comment of the Year

Happy nominating!