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FSU gets their shot at Andrew Wiggins

The No. 1 player in the nation visits the Seminoles

Alex Trautwig

Andrew Wiggins is set to begin his official visit to Florida State on Tuesday. This visit influences what is going to be one of the biggest recruiting decisions in Seminole athletic history. Wiggins is a game changer. Just having him list FSU as one of his finalists changes the perception of the school. And if he chooses FSU it could make the type of impact that forever alters the trajectory of a program.

Is it hyperbole to think that much about one player? He would headline a class that would include the No. 1 player in the nation, the No. 26 player, and the No. 80 player. And he'd be joining a deep and talented roster. FSU would instantly become a national title contender. And if you wonder how that can alter a program, just take a look at the visiting team on Wednesday night, a game in which Wiggins will be in attendance. The Florida Gators hit the lottery with three players on the same team who would become top-10 NBA draft picks. And they turned that into their first and second National Titles. Prior to that they'd been to two Final Fours in the 65+ year history of the NCAA. They'd been to just four Sweet 16s.

Now they're one of the elite programs in the nation.

I'm not saying that this would be FSU's path. I'm just saying that it's not unreasonable to dream about it.

Wiggins arrives on Tuesday and departs on Thursday. If you want to help coach Hamilton and staff then do your part to ensure that the Tuck is full against the Gators. I don't think that a win or loss will affect his decision at all. But letting him experience a rocking college atmosphere can't hurt.

FSU commit Xavier Rathan-Mayes, who is a fellow Canadian (and Wiggins' close friend) that plays with Andrew at Huntington Prep, certainly hasn't been shy about his desire to get Wiggins to FSU. Tonight he kicked things off by scooping every pay service in the nation with this tweet, and then he followed that up with an epic re-tweet barrage of anything and everything which linked him and Wiggins to FSU.