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Gators win 72-47

While Matt attends the presser to hear Coach Hamilton talking about execution, here are a few quick thoughts on the game.

  • The Gators entered the game averaging 25-point victories, including a 33-point beat down over Marquette (who would be favored against FSU) last week (#SilverLining). UF won by 25.
  • I've been saying for a year that the Gators will be the No. 1 team in the nation NEXT year. I may have been a season late figuring them out.
  • FSU has reached a critical point in their development. There are five out of conference games left, and FSU should be a favorite in four. It's time for the staff to figure out what they're doing. Are the Noles going to find a rotation, or are the Noles going to play for next year?
  • Lost in the blowout is that this may have been one of the best performances of the season by the FSU defense. They held the No. 3 offense in the nation to their 2nd worst performance of the year.
  • Kiel Turpin and Bojo combined for 9 minutes.
  • I would single out someone for turnover issues, but six players had at least three.
  • I keep getting asked on Twitter if this is the worst loss in the Hamilton era. It's not even the worst loss this week. Simmer down. But a minimum of 4-1 in the next 5 is critical if this team wants to think about extending FSU's NCAA Tournament streak.