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Game chart: #FreeBoBo edition

Continuing with player efficiency margins, which will be charted for every game this season.

Alex Trautwig

After reviewing film and charting possessions for the first two games, Boris Bojanovsky jumped out after the Buffalo game. But the dataset was small so I didn't make too much of it. After four games he had cemented himself atop the efficiency charts for the team. This was encouraging, but again, I didn't make too much of it beyond a few comments about Ham looking at BoBo for extended stretches playing alongside the other starters. Was BoBo going to start? The data certainly suggested that it might be a good idea, but again, the dataset was small.

After the fifth game I made a data entry error which caused BoBo to slip down the charts [shamed] but once I got this corrected there he was again. On top. FSU's offense was its most efficient when he was on the floor. But was trading offense for defense a good idea? That's irrelevant, because when he was on the floor FSU's defense was its most efficient.

Now we're eight games into the season, and it's not even close. It's time to free BoBo from the confines of the bench. Yes, he's skinny. Yes, he gets pushed around. But he has the length and athleticism to help a struggling defense overcome lapses in fundamentals. And if he can establish position on the offensive end there's not much a defender can do besides try and muscle him. Here's a short stretch from the Minnesota game.

When White gets beaten off the dribble, BoBo is there to erase the mistake. When Montay Brandon boxes out the wrong guy, BoBo is there. And then he runs the floor.

Put 'em in coach.

Here is the season long efficiency chart.

oPoss (offensive possessions), oPPP (offensive points per possession), same for defense, eMarg (efficiency margin)

player oPoss Pts oPPP dPoss Pts dPPP eMarg
Bojanovsky 130 149 1.15 126 115 0.91 0.23
Thomas 147 162 1.10 150 142 0.95 0.16
White 345 365 1.06 343 327 0.95 0.10
Whisnant 257 285 1.11 259 262 1.01 0.10
Bookert 209 221 1.06 204 199 0.98 0.08
Snaer 402 420 1.04 400 389 0.97 0.07
Turpin 167 178 1.07 173 172 0.99 0.07
Brandon 272 289 1.06 276 298 1.08 -0.02
Shannon 315 315 1.00 312 325 1.04 -0.04
Miller 270 262 0.97 265 274 1.03 -0.06
Gilchrist 31 21 0.68 33 31 0.94 -0.26
Ojo 35 33 0.94 34 41 1.21 -0.26

Things aren't looking so rosy after three straight losses. Now five players have a negative efficiency. Ian Miller has plummeted since injuring his foot, and Snaer's struggles are really showing on the offensive end.

The other bright spot from this losing streak is freshmen Aaron Thomas. After struggling early with poor shot selection he's played surprisingly well. He seems to have simplified things and is following what Coach Jones teaches about 'explosive moves.' When you watch the great players they don't pick and nibble their way into scoring opportunities. They explode. Every motion - from a crossover to a back screen to a baseline cut - is explosive. And Aaron seems to be figuring out how to use his exceptional motor and athleticism to overpower college players. It's early, but it's encouraging.