Florida State Spring Football Preview: Offensive Line


As I sat down to do the preview of the offensive line, I realized that with all the shuffling to be done along the line, my time is better used on other positions. So instead of a preview, we will do a review in late April. The linked preview is pretty good, just remember that the improvement needed is much greater than what the article states, as it is from the school's PR department. A few notes to add on: Bobby Hart certainly has the ability to be a guard, and depending on how much he continues to grow (doesn't turn 18 until August 21), may be that in the NFL. But at the college level, he's a tackle. A few other guys are likely tackle only: Watson (height), Erving, and Glauser come to mind. The rest of the guys are capable of playing multiple positions. Jacob Fahrenkrug (left shoulder), Garrett Faircloth (hip), offensive lineman Daniel Foose (lower back) are out for Spring, as previously reported. Remember to check out the Quarterback and Running Back previews.