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Misery loves company: TN adds another basketball writer

We're adding another hoops writer, but I prefer to think of it as doubling the staff. That's how much we care.

Last season - as FSU was making its historic run to their first ever ACC Title - the community (you guys and four gals) at Tomahawk Nation stepped up your game. There were regular fan posts and fan shots, there were arguments and counter arguments, and late season game threads regularly had over a thousand comments.

So now it is TN's turn to step up our game.

Please welcome Matt Minnick to the staff. He's relatively new to TN, but hey, anyone insane enough to watch every game is alright in my book. We think that TN already offers the best hoops coverage around (and for free!), but we see plenty of areas for improvement. Matt is going to help us get there.

Enjoy his writing, but not too much. If you like his stuff more than mine then we're going to have to fire him. So careful with your praise.

Now, back to bashing the ACC. Carry on.