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Charting Florida State Football: Sortable Data Tool

"Damn, that's impressive work, y'all."
"Damn, that's impressive work, y'all."

It's no secret that Tomahawk Nation takes a process driven view towards sports analysis and to that end the staffers have been charting FSU football games. This hard work gives way to the creation of top notch articles like the one Dr.KennethNoisewater created just a few days ago focusing on Florida State Football's passing attack. Dr.KennethNoisewater took a lot of time to mold all that raw data into something that could be used to tell a story, but he shouldn't have had to. Follow the jump for access to a new tool that anybody can use for their own research on the statistical story of FSU football.

Head on over to to view the tool.

Descrption of fields:

  • Formations for Offense and Defense - Select a formation for comparision of an offense and defense. Use "All" for all formations.
  • Stats for offense or defense - Show statistics for offense or defense. This is from a FSU perspective so selecting Offense will show statistics for FSU's offense
  • Stats for Passing, Running, or All - View stats for only pass plays, only run plays, or all plays
  • Show Standard downs, Passing downs, or All - Using the football outsiders' definition

    Passing Downs are defined as:

    • second down with 8 or more yards to go
    • third or fourth down with 5 or more yards to go

    All other downs are Standard Downs.
  • Limit data to certain date range, conference, and/or team(s) - Constrain the data. Select a data range and/or a conference or set of teams. Multiple teams or conferences can be selected by holding the Ctrl button and clicking on different teams or conferences.
  • Exclude garbage time? - Exclude plays in the game during which the game is not considered close.

    The criteria for being "close" are as follows: a game within 24 points in the first quarter, with 21 points in the second quarter, and within 16 points in the second half.
  • Show data in chart or direction - There are two different types of charts that can be created with this tool. The standard chart will show play data based on down and quarter while the passing chart will show pass data based on the area of the field involved.

The chart ends with the HTML used to create it so it can easily be copy and pasted into any article.

Please note that this tool is still in beta and as such more options are planned along with visual improvements. Please send an email to if you notice any bugs.