James Wilder Jr. Fails Breathalyzer At Work Camp, Back In Jail For Violation Of Probation

Editor's note: We hid the following fanpost from the 18th until we could confirm that the events did happen and determine if anything would come of it. Apparently it has.

PM Update:

According to Wilder's attorney, the circumstances behind his test are 'highly sucpicious' and Wilder blew a .01, which is inadmissible in court because it is within the margin of error. A .01 could literally be from mouthwash, breath spray, nyquil, etc.

If Wilder's attorney is correct, it looks like he will spend a weekend in jail over nothing.

Wilder is back in jail for violating his probation. We suspect this will result in a suspension, likely of one or two games. Luckily for Florida State, the first two games are against Murray State and Savannah State.

One must wonder if Wilder knew that they breathalyze workers, or if he thought it would be out of his system by the morning.

As for why it took this long for a failed test to result in him turning himself in, Jim Lamar of the Democrat has two notes:

Original Fanpost: Any news on James Wilder Jr.?

June 18

Hey, I am a long time reader of tomahawknation and a student at FSU. I am also at the work camp James Wilder Jr is supposed to be at. He violated the camp on his first day about a week ago by failing a morning breathalyzer. Usually this means a violation of probation and a minimum of 30 days in county jail. He has not returned to work camp. Unfortunately, I cant find any news on it. Anyone hear anything?

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