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Jon Rothstein loves the Noles

Jon Rothstein is one of the "insiders" of college basketball. Literally - that's why CBS hired him. He's an analyst on Inside College Basketball.

Typically, the national coverage of the Seminole program is non-existent, but more people seem to be paying attention since FSU did the improbable and won the ACC.

Today Rothstein tweeted a couple interesting things about FSU:

While it's always nice to see national guys predicting big things for FSU, we don't want TN readers to be misinformed - so a few points of note:

1. He should probably spell Bookert's first name correctly if he's going to be pimping him.

2. This is Ian Miller's team to run. Yes, Bookert will play, and he might even play significant minutes. But Miller has been groomed to become FSU's point guard following Loucks' departure and it's highly unlikely that he'll be moved off the ball so that a freshman point can take over.

3. We've consistently been very high on this recruiting class. So when he says "much better than people anticipated," what he means is that this is a really good class and the national guys didn't take note.

One tweet of his that I can completely be on board with: