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2nd Annual Tomahawk Nation Members Map And Survey Results

Good news everyone! Here are the results of the 2nd Annual Tomahawk Nation Members Map and Survey. If you recall we asked you to post your location, as well as answer a couple of questions about your particular demographics and reading habits.

The good news is that 1,404 of our members responded to the survey. The bad news is that this is just under 20% of the 7,102 total members who frequent this site. But being a glass half-full kind of guy, I see the 20% that did reply as likely being our hard-core members who read and comment on a daily (or more) basis.

Still, compared with last year's survey and map we more than tripled the number of responses from last year's 456, which correlates with the tremendous growth Tomahawk Nation has experienced over the past year in membership (as well as readers who lurk without ever registering).

Firstly, I would like thank TN's resident IT guru and editor pbysh, without whom this project would not have been nearly as manageable. Pbysh automated the process this year by designing the survey, tabulating the results, and then populating the map, all for our entertainment. Thanks also goes out to BookemDanole, who had the original TN Members Map brainstorm last year, when he manually transposed the data from the comments one by one, and then manually populated last years map with the results. Dan was also involved in this year's project and for that I thank him. And finally, thanks to TN member DownByTheRiverWalkinOnWater, who recommended and turned us on to this mapping site, which is the one we finally decided to use because of the cool features it includes.

Depending on your choice of browsers, the map below may appear blank. If that is the case, please double click on the's Membership Map at the top of the map next to the search field. If that doesn't work, or if you would like to see a full screen map, please click on the link at the bottom of the map.

There are several ways to find yourself and your fellow TN'ers on the map:

A) Click in your general area then continue clicking until you find yourself,

2) Use the scroll wheel on the mouse to enlarge the map,

D) Use the + or - buttons and the directional arrows to navigate your way through the map, like you would with a Google Map.

Once you find yourself on the map, you can click on the pin locator and your survey response will pop-up. You can then look for other TN members living in your immediate area. Of course all of the features of Google Maps are included, such as the regular map layout, as well as the terrain and satellite views.

At the bottom of the map you will notice the different pin colors which correlate with the members age. You can search by age group if you would like to break it down even further.

So without further ado, we are proud to present the 2nd Annual Where In The World Are The TN Members living and posting from, along with some demographics about our membership that you may find interesting. So have fun playing and exploring the map, and please feel free to give us your feedback and any suggestions you have that will enhance the TN Map project for next year.

Hammer the jump to see the survey results, map and TN demographics.

View's Membership Map in a full screen map



Your age?

# of votes % of total votes

Less than 18 6 0%

18 to 22 87 6%

23 to 30 515 37%

31 to 40 375 27%

41 to 50 228 16%

51 to 60 111 8%

61 and over 82 6%



Enter your relationship to Florida State


Relationship to FSU # of votes % of total votes

Current Student 62 4%

Alumni 745 53%

Attended, had too much fun, stuff happened 90 6%

Fan of another college, regular TN reader 19 1%

FSU fan/didn’t attend FSU, regular TN reader 337 24%

Other 151 11%



Do you presently subscribe to any FSU athletics pay site(s)?


Subscriptions to FSU pay-site(s) # of votes % of total votes All-Access 23 2%

Noles 247 78 6%

ESPN Insider 105 8% Democrat 26 2% 22 2%

Warchant 154 11%

Other 10 1%

None 1055 77%

************People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.



Do you, on a regular basis, read or comment on any other FSU athletics free site(s) or free boards?


Read or comment on any free board? # of votes % of total votes 393 29%

O/S Chopping Block 247 18%

Chant Rant 116 9% Democrat 120 9%

Noles 247 172 13% 94 7%

ESPN's ACC Blog 409 30%

Warchant 382 28%

Other 86 6%

None other than TN 574 42%

***********People may select more than one checkbox, so percentages may add up to more than 100%.


If you are not a TN member but just a reader of this site, we would love for you to join our site. It will take you less than 2 minutes to join and we promise to never spam you. So sign up and get posting on the best (AND LARGEST FREE) FSU Athletic Digital Media site on the webz.