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Florida State Open Fall Practice 2012

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Vince Williams knows it's almost time for football.
Vince Williams knows it's almost time for football.

Yesterday, Florida State held an open practice following the annual fan day. Myself and ricobert1 were there to capture some video and photos and take some notes.

First ricobert's notes. He is one of Tomahawk Nation's resident o-line gurus:

  • Sanderson and Snider are student assistants, for those who didn't know. Spurlock is a graduate assistant, and worked with 3rd and 4th team OL all day, along with 2nd string pass pro work against DL.
  • Watson: He passes the eyeball test, which we knew already. But in terms of technique, he is raw. He looks mechanical in pass protection. But he seeks out extra help before practice (video), so he's giving it everything he has.
  • Faircloth is a technically-sound lineman. Trickett used him to demo. good interior pass pro to the younger guys repeatedly. Trickett had the others take note that Faircloth didn't widen his stance in his drop-back, which I interpret to mean he keeps a solid frame and balance in his steps (good things).
  • Glauser: Mechanical in pass pro. Choppy steps in his pass protection. Coaching and time will smooth that out. Very good in space; reaches the next level with balance and power, based on OL practice reps.
  • The ball boy for the OL hustles. Props, kid. (Note: See if you can spot him in the o-line vid. Hustle indeed).

Photos and some notes:

Looked like Stork was getting the majority of snaps at center with the 1s. He certainly looks the part. He'll be the oldest member on the o-line as a RS Jr. RT is still up for grabs as the coaches are seeing who is the best fit. Either Glauser or Watson will probably end up with the job. No telling when that decision will be made.

Rhodes was taped up and had a brace on however he had a solid practice. When he was covering WRs he appeared to be fine. He did have one play where he came up gimpy but shook it off and was in on the next rep. Hopefully, Rhodes will be 100 percent by Wake or Clemson. With the way he practiced, he should be close to it soon.

Very large men doing warm up drills.

Don't worry, Christian Jones is still an athletic freak.

Before the helmets came on players ran through routes as seen here with Wilder and Greene. Greene had a fantastic catch, tiptoeing on the sideline double covered by Waisome and a safety.

As expected Amp McCloud wasn't in pads. Whether it is two or three weeks, Fisher has said he will be ready to go for the beginning of the season (pec injury).

Jenkins next to Newberry, shows you just how much good weight Newberry has put on. He has come a long way from when he first got on campus, and as a result, should see plenty of snaps.

Vince Williams apparently loves to practice. He also had a solid day at linebacker. He high pointed a pass from Winston for a pick.

As you can see from the video, the o-line stays physical for the majority of the practice and Trickett was never far away from the action. Watson, seen here, seeking out instruction from Trickett before practice.

Kenny Shaw, may be actually levitating. Rhodes has good coverage on the pass, but I think it was catchable.

Thompson looked great, really has that burst still. If he can trust his surgery and his health, Thompson might return to form, possibly be even better than where he left off. He's a team and fan favorite and it was great to see him back on the field.

Clint looked pretty solid in his back up role, bigger, stronger, faster.