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Florida State 4th in AP Poll

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Florida State moves up one spot to 4 after thrashing Wake Forest. Last week, FSU was tied with Oklahoma at 5. Oklahoma had a bye week and fell to 6, Georgia moving into the 5 spot. Florida jumps four spots to 14 after a second road win in a row. Voters, I'm sure, had trouble dealing with how to handle USC's loss to Stanford. The Trojans struggled against the Luck-less Cardinal. They are now the highest ranked one loss team.

Virginia Tech, after a humiliating loss to Pitt, finds itself booted out of the rankings entirely. The ACC now has two teams left in the rankings. However, those two teams are important from a Florida State perspective. From last week's AP post:

With some luck (Michigan St. plays Notre Dame next week), Clemson could move into the top 10 before they come to Tallahassee, providing fans with a top 10 match-up in Doak Campbell stadium.

Notre Dame beat Michigan State with some serious defense. Thanks Notre Dame. Doak Campbell will host a top 10 match-up for the second year in a row: College Gameday #4 FSU vs #10 Clemson, 8:00 PM.

This is the highest ranking for FSU since October 9, 2005.

Update: FSU is also ranked 4th in the Coaches Poll. Clemson is ranked 9th. Look for the media to use the higher ranking.