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Tomahawk Nation's BlogPoll: Week 3

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This is not a power poll. I don't attempt to rank teams based on how good I think they are. I only rank teams based on their resume. What have they done? Not how talented are their players or what other polls project them to do, but what have they done? The poll is designed to be dynamic. I try to start from scratch every week.

Another crazy weekend of football means another crazy ballot.

NOTES: Alabama is at the top spot. No surprise. Florida moves up to 2. Another good road win for the Gators. Other teams just don't have that resume yet to bump down. Stanford gets a ton of credit for beating USC. Is it too much? USC stays in as the highest ranked team with one loss. They played a close game with Stanford (in points). Nebraska and Tennessee also ranked with losses. There are plenty of other undefeated teams out there but their wins are questionable. Florida State makes it on the ballot in a big way. Florida State crushed Wake Forest and Kansas State crushed Miami. They find each other ranked next to each other. Oregon State may, or may not, belong on this ballot. Their first game was delayed and then had a bye this past week. They have only played one game, however it is a win against Wisconsin. Unfortunately, a win over Wisconsin isn't what it used to be. Should they be booted for a better team?