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Florida State Ranked 4th After Top 10 Showdown

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Despite a win over a top 10 team, Florida State remains ranked 4th in the AP and Coaches polls. Clemson, after giving FSU all it could handle for two and a half quarters, drops to 17 in the AP. For now, it appears there is no room for movement within the top 4. Should FSU be ranked ahead of LSU or even ahead of Oregon?

LSU, after struggling in a win against now 1-3 Auburn, drops one spot in the both polls to 3. They trade spots with Oregon. Oregon, after a slow start, took a ranked Arizona team to the woodshed winning 49-0. Oklahoma played its first real game of the season against Kansas State. Kansas State proved to be too much and won a close one. They jump 8 spots in the AP to number 7. Oklahoma, now 2-1, falls to 16. Florida keeps on winning and moves up a few to 11 in the AP.

Florida State and Clemson remain the only ranked ACC teams. For more on the week 5 rankings, check out SB Nation.