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Florida State Football Practice Report 09.25

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Florida State returned to the practice field Wednesday.

After Jimbo Fisher gave his guys the day off on Monday, the team continued on - business as usual with their practice Tuesday afternoon. Fisher said they had a great Tuesday practice with guys being very attentive towards details and also expressed the importance of having Monday off, and how that helps everyone recover.

"It's really important to allow these guys time to recover and it really shows out there on the practice fields," said Fisher.

Besides the lack of surprises at practice on Tuesday, there were some good things to take away. Slot receiver Scooter Haggins was back in action today after missing Saturday's game against Clemson and apparently looked good out there. Also, Devonte Freeman had a great practice and seemed to be doing all of those little things that the ‘Noles are constantly trying to perfect.

"Devonte had maybe the best practice I've seen from him in a while," said Fisher. "He's a great kid and player and that has nothing to do with his lack of carries. It's more about 32 and 4 being on such a roll and we're doing our best to not disrupt that."

In moving forward to this next weekend, Jimbo Fisher talked about the advantage of playing an away game so close to home. While it seems like more of a comfortable trip, he knows they still have to prepare for a talented USF football team - although he knows they are in a completely different place than the last time they met in Tallahassee.

"It's great for our guys to be able to play so close to home. They'll have a lot of fans and family, but they still have to prepare for a talented group in USF," said Fisher. "They have a lot of talented player, but I know we, as a program, are in a completely different situation than the last time we played these guys. Also, they had tons of talent that currently play in the NFL last time we played them."

Jimbo continued on talking about his confidence in the special teams - specifically Rashad Greene.

"Yea, I'm still very confident in Rashad," said Fisher. "Those things are definitely something we're going to have to fix, and it wasn't all on Rashad. There was a couple of blocking assignments that were missed right in front of him, so we'll have to sort some of those things out."

Tomorrow's Florida State football practice will be closed to the media, but we'll be back out there on Thursday, for the last time before the team's departure for Tampa. While the team is in full focus, they can still appreciate some of the things they've accomplished thus far in 2012. This year's Florida State Seminoles are only the 3rd team since 1946 to score 49+ points in their first four games and look to continue this streak through next weekend.