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Florida State Football News: Tomahawk Recap Week 1

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Sept 1, 2012;  Tallahassee, Florida, USA; Florida State Seminoles wide receiver Rashad Greene (80) returns a punt for a touchdown during the game against the Murray State Racers at Doak Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE
Sept 1, 2012; Tallahassee, Florida, USA; Florida State Seminoles wide receiver Rashad Greene (80) returns a punt for a touchdown during the game against the Murray State Racers at Doak Campbell Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Melina Vastola-US PRESSWIRE

Lift your mugs in a toast to football season finally being here. Tis the season when the lawn care suffers, Saturday trips with the family to the zoo automatically get pushed to Sundays, term papers may or may not be "paraphrased" for time constraints from some obscure 1970's paper found while scouring Google, and when Daddy's happiness on Saturdays runs concurrent with with either how greatly the Noles dominated or with how pathetic they may have looked.

The 69-3 thrashing of the Murray State Races would suggest ice cream for the whole family today cause Daddy is probably on cloud nine. So in honor of Dad's psychiatric well being, those crappy term papers (you slaved over) that will make it to the teacher's desk on Tuesday, and the sound of lawncare once again resuming... we introduce this new piece for Tomahawk Nation.

While not a stand-alone piece with ground-breaking new information, this will basically serve as a weekly recap on articles and possible sneak peaks on what to expect in the future.

More after the jump.

For weeks now, the staff has tried to keep everyone appraised of the current personell we have on the team. With over 60,000 words in the queue so far, we've previewed every nook and cranny of the roster. And we've provided it totally free. Here is a quick recap of the player profiles, in case you missed them:

Player Countdown
Camp Coverage
Opponent Previews
57: Cason Beatty, Punter
56: Terrence Brooks, Safety
55: Dan Hicks, Tight Ends
54: Clint Trickett, Quarterback
53: Rashad Greene, Receiver
52: Austin Barron, Center
51: Everett Dawkins, Defensive Tackle
50: Tank Carradine, Defensive End
49: Devonta Freeman, Running Back
48: Christian Green, Receiver
47: Cam Erving, Offensive Tackle
46: Chad Abram, Fullback
Debrale Smiley, Fullback

45: Ronald Darby, Corner/Returner
Marvin Bracy, Receiver/Returner

44: Jarred Haggins, Receiver
43: Jacob Coker, Quarterback
42: Tre' Jackson, Guard
41: Mario Pender, Running Back
40: Giorgio Newberry, Defensive End
39: Tyler Hunter, Cornerback
38: Nick Moody, Linebacker
37: Anthony McCloud, Defensive Tackle
36: Bryan Stork, Offensive Line
35: Rodney Smith, Receiver
34: Xavier Rhodes, Cornerback
33: Jacobbi McDaniel, Defensive Tackle
32: Kevin Haplea, Tight End
31: Christian Jones, Linebacker
30: Bjoern Werner, Defensive End
29: Josue Matias, Guard
28: Terrance Smith, Linebacker
Nigel Terrell, Linebacker

27: Dustin Hopkins, Kicker
26: Brandon Jenkins, Defensive End
25: Nick O'Leary, Tight End
24: Demonte McAllister, Defensive Tackle
23: Lonnie Pryor, Fullback
22: Jacob Fahrenkrug, Offensive Line
21: Eddie Goldman, Defensive Tackle
20: Willie Haulstead, Receiver
19: Vince Williams, linebacker
18: Garrett Faircloth, Guard
17: Karlos Williams, Safety
16: Nile Lawrence-Stample, Nose Guard
15: Lamarcus Joyner, Safety
14: Chris Thompson, Running Back
13: Kenny Shaw, Receiver
12: Greg Dent, Receiver
11: EJ Manuel, Quarterback
10: Mario Edwards Jr., Defensive End
9: James Wilder Jr., Running Back
8: Kelvin Benjamin, Receiver
7: Menelik Watson, Offensive Tackle
6: Daniel Glauser, Offensive Tackle
Bobby Hart, Offensive Tackle

5: Timmy Jernigan, Defensive Tackle
4: Keelin Smith, Cornerback
3: Nick Waisome, Cornerback
2: Telvin Smith, Linebacker
1: Toshmon Stevens, Defensive End
Dax Dellenbach, Long Snapper
* Jimbo Fisher press conference
* Practice day 1
* Day 1 photo gallery
* Scholarship roster update
* Mario Pender out for year
* Practice days 2 & 3
* Practice day 4
* Practice day 5
* Practice August 11
* Media Day: Updates | Photos | Recap
* Open Practice: Report | Photos
* Practice August 14
* EJ Injury Update: He's OK
* Scrimmage No. 1 Update |
* Practice August 20
* Practice August 22
* Scrimmage No. 2
Wake Forest
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In addition to the player reviews, the TN staff (as always) has brought statistical analysis to the table that just simply can't be found on other sites. Yes, even the paid for ones.

We really got things rolling with a season preview where instead of standard re-hashed preseason information was inserted, we actually predicted Florida State's season and each author was given the chance to add their own personal takes.

The very next day, with a one-two punch, long time author evenflow58 broke down what to expect during the game on defense, offense, coaching analysis, and even miscellaneous tidbits TN has become famous for. Eloquently put, here is how EF58 reminded us all that the season was finally upon us:

Watch your waitress/waiter/bartender/spouse/child through this game. How quickly do they refill your beverage of choice? Is there good food to be had? Is your server attentive and engaging? Do they walk in front of you during a play or wait until the end? Sure this is only Murray State but this game sets the tone for the whole season. There are no off weeks.

I must say, my family passed with flying colors. Quick checklist:

  1. A) Wife and daughters had game-day shirts / onesies on.
  2. 2) Beer was cold and flowing. (Sam Adams Octoberfest for those interested, NOT Natty Lite)
  3. D) On Rashad's punt return my 2 year old through up her arms and screamed "TouchDown!!! He not fall down Daddy!!"

2-Minute Drill Quick Links... because these are all worth seeing if you missed them.

Longtime Nole writer Ingram Smith was on it with a quick recap moments after the clock expired with his crushing review of the game.

New addition to the staff, Tomahawk Nation's very own beat-writer Eric Fisher then followed up FSU post-game presser comments from head coach Jimbo Fisher, EJ Manuel, and others.

The OL looked pretty good, as Bud Elliott reminded us of here.

How did FSU and Dustin Hopkins handle the new kick-off rules the NCAA has imposed to protect players from violent collisions and therefore collaterally created weak-sauce? Beautifully.

Final Notes:

You guys know our TN statisticians are going to dissect this game from top to bottom, so stay tuned in the next few days. Also look out for this week's preview on the upcoming game versus Savannah State. Oklahoma State writers were saying they literally could have kept scoring at will so 85-0 might have actually NOT been running up the score if you can believe that.

More news on injuries, specifically Brandon Jenkins coming soon.