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Florida State Ranked 3rd After First Road Game

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Florida State beat USF on the road while LSU struggled early at home against 'Towson. The Noles jump the Tigers one spot in the AP poll to number 3.

Kim Klement-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

Florida State, in their first road game, gets out of Tampa with a win. LSU, after beating 1-3 Auburn last week, was down late in the second quarter to Towson. It was enough for Florida State to jump LSU to number 3 in the AP Poll. In the Coaches Poll, FSU remains 4th.

Clemson avoided the dreaded let down game and did not let FSU 'beat them twice.' They beat Boston College on the road and move up two spots to 15. If Virginia Tech started winning some games after a disappointing loss to Pitt, they could manage to find their way back to the rankings. Instead, they lost to Cincinnati. Florida State and Clemson remain the only ranked ACC schools.

Miami is now 3-0 in conference play, just 5 weeks into the season. However, they are still not ranked. They had a crushing loss to K-State but have escaped unscathed in ACC play with some very good offensive play (or some horrible defense?). Miami will have to beat No. 9 Notre Dame to earn a ranking.

More information on the AP Poll rankings here.