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Florida State Football Practice Report: September 6

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Thursday, Jimbo Fisher addressed media for the last time this week before Saturday’s game against Savannah State. Despite the setback of the Brandon Jenkins injury news this week, Fisher seemed pleased with the week of practice his team had.

"Really good Thursday, liked our whole tempo," Fisher said. "I liked our focus, that was one of the best Thursdays we’ve had in a long time…I like the way this team is learning to practice and put itself together."

Fisher praised the maturity and focus of the team at practice during a week with an inferior opponent on the schedule. "I’ve really appreciated it, I really have, and I think it shows the maturity that we have," Fisher said of the team’s sharpness on the practice field.

More from Fisher plus notes and quotes after the jump

One topic of great interest to many that was addressed is the redshirt status of Chris Casher and Mario Edwards, Jr. Less than a week after saying both would likely redshirt, Fisher said both would be used throughout their rookie seasons in the wake of Jenkins’ injury. "They’re gonna play throughout the season," Fisher said. "We’re gonna start playing them and getting them involved in things."

Fisher noted both freshmen could see time on special teams too, also adding that Toshmon Stevens would not see less time on special teams, despite the possibility of a greater number of defensive reps this season.

As far as injuries go, Fisher addressed the status of several players dealing with ongoing injuries.
"You had O’Leary out, but I think he could play, there’s a possibility he could play but I don’t know, Stork could play, Abram could play," Fisher said. When asked about the status of Amp McCloud, who has been shelved for a month with a pectoral injury, Fisher gave some good news. "Yeah, McCloud looks great, he’ll definitely play," Fisher said. "He had a really good pass rush yesterday, did a great job. I was very impressed."

As far as which dinged up players would go on Saturday, Fisher said it would be based on their health in 48 hours. "We want reps [for the players dealing with injuries] and if they’re ready to play, they’ll play," Fisher said. "And if they won’t, we’ll be smart with it."

Notes and Quotes:

"I think its just as important because you have to learn to create a habit in the way you prepare. To me it was one of those little signs, like you see as a parent with your kid sometimes, you see little things that trigger, you know, things are moving in a good way, a good place."- Fisher, on whether focus in practice is even more important than the game itself with an opponent like Savannah State on the schedule

"They always were in a good place, I liked where they were, you just couldn’t justify those reps with those three guys" [Jenkins, Werner, and Carradine]- Fisher, on the progress of Edwards, Jr. and Casher, and why the plan was originally to redshirt the pair.

"I think Giorgio will establish himself, I thought Giorgio had a great camp and he’ll have a chance to play more now and come along a little quicker."- Fisher, addressing the situation at defensive end