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Two-team race for Andrew Wiggins?

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This Sunday marks the open period for college basketball recruiting, and - as expected - Leonard Hamilton will spend it showing love to Andrew Wiggins. Wiggins is the consensus No. 1 recruit in the 2014 class, who may re-classify to 2013. According to Jeff Borzello at CBS, Wiggins deserves a 6th star, and he's the best high school player he's seen since he began covering recruiting in 2008.

So who is recruiting this kid? You'd expect that the best high school player in years would be generating tremendous interest from all over the college basketball landscape, but according to his AAU coach, outside of John Calipari and Leonard Hamilton, the other coaches "aren't even trying." It is assumed that Kentucky and FSU have such a large lead, that other programs haven't been willing to expend resources on a player they have no chance for - even if that player is a program changer.

Corey Dowlar reported that Wiggins was likely to be on FSU's campus this weekend, though I haven't been able to confirm this.

The other Nole legacy - Xavier Rathan-Mayes - attended the FSU v Murray State game this past Saturday.