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Florida State Football: Comment Section Quarterback - Kickoff

We give you the pre-snap read. You call the play.

Chris Trotman

Ah, the offseason. Never a better time to call out your play-caller!

This is a new feature here at TN. It's a simple exercise, one that probably happens in many game-film reviews.

  1. Pretend you're the quarterback.
  2. Read the pre-snap setup of the defense (picture embedded).
  3. Vote in the poll what play you would check to.
  4. Check out the actual play (video embedded)
  5. Argue your way to supremacy in the comment section. Were you right? Did the offense run the best possible play here? Points for logic & punctuation.

Some caveats:
  1. Formation changes to your offense are not allowed. WYSIWYG.
  2. The defense will not change its formation prior to the snap, either.
  3. Don't cheat and look at the footage first. Use your noodle.

Pre-snap Read


Play Result