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FSU wins 73-71: Instant Analysis

Michael Snaer 4.0?

Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

While Matt attends the post game party presser, here are a few quick thoughts on what was important. Add your own thoughts in the comments section.

  • With the win FSU ties UNC and NC State in the loss column. They're behind 2-loss Duke and Virginia, and 0-loss Miami (who is struggling at Virginia Tech).
  • I don't even know what to say about Michael Snaer anymore. 4 game winning shots in his career, and all have been threes. Clutchiness.
  • Okaro White is now in a 2-16 3-pt slump. And yes it's my fault. I won't mention his free throw shooting.
  • Michael Ojo only scored two points, but it came on a thunderous dunk. I'm not only glad that someone finally convinced him that dunking is legal, but also glad that in his 14 minutes he looked like an actual basketball player. Unbelievable how far he's come in a half season of basketball.
  • FSU turned it over 6 times in a 64 possession game. Feel free to read that again.
  • Ian Miller, in case you missed it, will not practice any more this season. Tonight he played like he didn't need it. He had 10 points and 2 assists, and most importantly, when FSU ran the final inbounds play he got the ball with 6.6 seconds left and promptly fell down. He was able to keep his balance with one hand on the floor, and the executed the play. He took it to the rim, drew the double team, and kicked to Snaer for the win. Upperclassmen.