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Florida State Football Practice Report: 10/1

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The 'Noles continue their preparation for Saturday's game against visiting Maryland.

Mike Ehrmann

The Florida State Seminoles took to the practice fields Tuesday afternoon with the same eager pace we saw Monday.  With Saturday's game approaching quickly, there are a lot of things to work on. The media wasn't allowed to stay very long today but I did my best to gather as much as I could. The players were in full pads as they entered the Dunlap Indoor Facility.

Tyler Hunter was not dressed out for Tuesday's practice.

Mario Edwards Jr. was fully dressed and participating on the first team again today.

Jeremy Kerr was dressed out but not in shells. He was participating in team stretches and tight end drills, but he is obviously still limited.

The defense was working in nickel and dime sets quite a bit on Tuesday. They were using different looks to combat the read-option.

There were a handful of scouts at Tuesday's practice including the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Chicago Bears, Minnesota Vikings and the Tennessee Titans.

Jimbo Fisher will speak with the media after practice today and we'll bring you any updates from that.