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Florida State moves up in the rankings

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After a bye week, Florida State moves up in the rankings.

Jeff Gammons

All Florida State fans had to do was sit back, enjoy the show, and watch the ensuing carnage unfold. Multiple ranked teams fell to underdogs. For Florida State, Stanford's loss to Utah is the most important. They get knocked from the top 10, leaving room for FSU to move up. The 'Noles check in at 5 in the AP poll and 5 in the Coaches. Clemson stays at 3 in the AP and 4 in the Coaches. No matter how you look at it - top 5 match-up next weekend in Death Valley.

Miami, also on a bye, jumps up to number 10 in the AP and 11 in the Coaches. FSU, Clemson, and Miami give the ACC three top 10 AP ranked teams. Virginia Tech's win over Pitt earns them a jump to 19 in the AP and 20 in the Coaches.

Florida couldn't get any offense going in a game that was a bit of a reality check. They fall to 22 in the AP and Coaches after losing to LSU. The Gator defense remains one of the country's best. However, if the offense doesn't improve, the Gators may not be ranked by the end of November.

Check out the full AP rankings here and full Coaches rankings here.

Spencer Hall reviews what happened in the top 25:

3. Clemson

Survived a 24-14 challenge from Boston College, who at this point should be considered not only "alive," but "capable of biting the random swimmer dumb enough to not look where they're going."

So no, this was not Clemsoning. This was winning a conference game against an improving team, something never to be undervalued, unless you're playing Kentucky. (No matter who you are, no matter what conference you play in, you should probably beat Kentucky by many, many points. )

SB Nation has a prediction for the BCS rankings and other great info here.

Florida State at Clemson

Here's your game of the year in the ACC, and really, maybe the game of the year nationally. The winner will be heavy favorites in each of its remaining conference games and have the inside track to a perfect season and ACC title. The loser will be all but eliminated from the Atlantic Division race and national title hunt. Both teams have high-octane offenses and opportunistic defenses, and the matchup will likely come down to who wins the duel between senior Tajh Boyd and first-year starter Jameis Winston.