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Florida State at Clemson: Biggest ACC football game ever?

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Melina Vastola-USA TODAY Sports

In five days, Florida State will travel to Clemson for the football biggest game in ACC history.

That might seem like a stretch to those who would argue for the 1997 game between Florida State and North Carolina. But it's not.

That game featured two top-five teams, but it did not feature two elite programs. 2013 Florida State might not have quite the prestige of 1997 Florida State, but it's close. And the Clemson program is easily more of a draw than North Carolina was.

Clemson was expected to be a contender for the National Title, and its hype has been there for the whole time. Florida State's hype went from a team expected to win 10 games, to a team in the title race thanks to the fantastic freshman QB Jameis Winston. I don't recall anyone seriously considering North Carolina as a contender to win it all, despite their start in the top-10.

College gameday will be there. The anticipation has been building since Labor Day when Jameis Winston lit up Pitt just two days after Clemson took down Georgia.

The venue for this one, Death Valley, is also much different. Kenan Stadium is just an average stadium, Death Valley is one of the loudest and craziest spots in all of college football.

There's also the little matter of FSU not having won at Clemson since 2001. This is a true rivalry game between two excellent and storied programs. North Carolina could hardly have been called a rival of FSU in 1997. The game has decided the ACC champion the last two seasons, and the Division champion in the last four.

Oh, and two of the five Heisman favorites will be featured.

This might just be the game of the year in all of college football.

It's going to be fun.

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