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Florida State Football Practice Report: 10/15

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The Noles continued their Clemson preparation on Tuesday.

Jeff Gammons

With Saturday's game in Death Valley quickly approaching, the Florida State Seminoles took to the practice fields to continue their preparation with a focus on details.

First and foremost, everyone seems healthy.

Bryan Stork was still wearing his tinted face mask on Tuesday, but participated in every first team rep during the open period.

They seemed to be putting a lot of emphasis on kick returns and finding the right block to create space. Just like Monday, it was a steady rotation of Karlos Williams, Kermit Whitfield and Lamarcus Joyner. I expect Williams and Whitfield to get the bulk of the returns, but if a big situation presents itself or one of the others struggle, they'll call on the senior for a big play.

The defense, as expected, was working on a lot of nickel and dime sets, some of which I haven't seen since spring camp. Nate Andrews continues to be the extra DB on the dime, and Christian Jones has found himself in a number of positions on the line.

John Franklin was working as the scout team quarterback as an attempt to replicate Tajh Boyd's presence. This role was assumed by the current starter, Jameis Winston, in preparation for last year's game against Clemson.

They also had speakers set up inside the indoor practice facility, some of which were field level while others were near the ceiling. I think this is an attempt to have sound coming from every direction. Death Valley is LOUD.

Jimbo will speak with the media around 6 o'clock and we'll bring you any updates.