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VIDEO: Live with Florida State's Jameis Winston before Clemson

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Jameis Winston joins the Florida State assembled media Wednesday at 12:15 EST to discuss his season so far and the upcoming game against Clemson.

On the experience of having ESPN present on campus on Tuesday:"It was fun. All of our players enjoyed that. Just seeing ourselves on TV live was a great experience and that’s something that hopefully we can get used to."

On what Clemson senior quarterback Tajh Boyd does well:"He manages the game well. He’s an older guy so he’s been there, done that. He does a lot of things phenomenal because he’s a great quarterback. There’s probably things that I can pick up from his game to add to mine. He’s just a great player. He has a great team, too."

On if he gets caught up in the quarterback hype:"No, me and him (Boyd) both know that we have to do our jobs to help put our team in the best situation to win. Both of us being offensive people, obviously he’s going to try to get his offense to start clicking and I’m going to get my offense to click. It’s probably going to be a quarterback battle but I’m pretty sure he’s not thinking about competing against me, he’s thinking about competing against Telvin (Smith) and those guys just like I’m thinking about competing against Clemson’s defense."

On the noise in practice and communication:"All the noise stuff, the way we communicate on the field and the way we do things, I don’t really think that’s going to be a big factor. Momentum, from the momentum standpoint, if the crowd gets into it and their players start getting amped up, that will probably be a big factor in the game, but the noise I don’t think has nothing to do with our offense."

On how long he has had his confidence:"I feel like I’ve always been a confident person because if you’re not confident in yourself, who else is going to believe in you."

On Boyd’s success in recent years and being the leader of a football team:"Of course, when you beat teams like they beat Georgia, he’s won big games like the bowl game last year against LSU, he’s proven himself numerous times. A lot of people say I have to prove myself and things like that, but it’s a team game. He has such a great team around him just like I have a great team around me. But when you’re a great player and you get people to follow you, that’s when the leadership qualities come in, that’s when people know you are the real deal. That’s obviously how scouts realize that you can lead a team."

On if he talked to former FSU quarterback EJ Manuel:"I’ve talked to him briefly this week. He just told me to go out there and win and do what I do. He told he won last year and so to keep it going. He said it’s going to be a daily atmosphere. EJ thinks just like me, he’s like, as a quarterback, noise, it’s really for excitement for after that game."

On if it is possible to block out all of the game hype:"Yeah – because we’re on a mission. Our goal is to win. And that’s our goal to win every single week. I think it’s easy to block out that stuff when you have the same mindset every week and you don’t look at it as a different game. Of course we know this is going to be one of the better teams we play all year, probably be the best team we play. People are talking about a National Championship type game, that’s a great team. We have to give them the upmost respect and hopefully they respect us enough so we know it’s going to be a battle out there."

On how he has improved since the Garnet and Gold spring game:"Just being comfortable in what I’m doing – just being more confident. In the Garnet and Gold game I was playing more off instincts, but as I get more into Coach Fisher’s offense and just prolong my career, I’m going to become more and more confident and hopefully that becomes more success. When you’re confident and know what you’re doing, or even if you don’t know what you’re doing, if you feel like you know what you’re doing, that’s big at quarterback."

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