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Jimbo Fisher call-in show live thread 10.16.13

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Tune in to follow and discuss this week's Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show (Wednesday @ 7 p.m.)

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It should go without saying, but Florida State plays Clemson on Saturday. So much hype and anticipation has surrounded the upcoming game. Some pundits have deemed the matchup the biggest ACC game ever. Both teams are undefeated. Both teams are ranked in the top five. Both teams feature big time quarterbacks. It's going to be entertaining. Death Valley -- the 'Noles haven't won there since 2001 -- is going to be loud, College Gameday will be there, and national title hopes will be on the line. The anticipation and excitement has elevated every day this week so far, but will the Seminoles be ready? Hopefully, Jimbo Fisher will answer that question, along with many more, in this week's Jimbo Fisher Call-In Show live at 7 p.m..

Head coach Jimbo Fisher and host Gene Deckerhoff will orchestrate the call-in show from the Four Points by Sheraton hotel in downtown Tallahassee at 7 p.m. EST. The show is often pretty entertaining, so we will be here to provide live updates for you to follow. Feel free to join in and give your thoughts in the comments section. Often the show is full of coach speak, so call in and ask Jimbo a creative question or two. The number to dial for the show is 877-99-NOLES.

The link below will take you to the live video stream on

Live video stream: