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Florida State opponent review: Boston College at Clemson

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Study Hall: Clemson 24, Boston College 14 - Football Study Hall
Advanced stats from Clemson's 24-14 win over Boston College on Saturday.

Game Film Review: Boston College @ Clemson - Shakin The Southland Pull out as you go through the game.

Summarizing Thoughts

The film was ugly, the execution even uglier. Clemson was not focused on BC, that appears to be the major malfunction on this Saturday. We were off on reads and not focused or prepared up front. If we're focused I think we put 2 more TDs on the scoreboard. Of course that wouldn't matter if we'd lost, but it is what it is. The preparation I'm going to put on Caldwell and Morris. The focus is on Dabo.

Now I have to give credit to Dan Brown, who we knew was a good DC already. He inherited a well-coached defense and he's raised their level from last season. He had a good gameplan today and caught us with a bunch of well-executed pressures. His secondary is well coached enough to not get caught by their blitzes time and again, and their DL played as well as BC usually plays against us. They got pressure with a 3-man front, which they've done repeatedly over the years because our guys rarely match their physicality.

But Clemson's OL sucked out loud. Brandon Thomas even made a mistake or two, but probably graded out very well because he doesnt miss assignments. If you graded on MAs then we might grade well today. I grade on how they played, and they played like dogshit. This reminds me of Wofford a couple years ago. Kalon Davis should've been off the field quickly, and had no legs by the end. David Beasley did play, but less than 10 snaps. Norton got bulldozed several times. Shatley got no push and we already knew that he sucks at pulling. Shaq Anthony is fine when he engages a pass rusher, and did do a little better picking up the right guy, but he couldn't push over an ant hill in the run game.

And our TE blocking is still inconsistent. One good play, one bad play. I wouldn't say Cooper is doing much better than Seckinger in that department. I would much rather have a slimmer OL come in and do some blocking on the edge than see either of these two. Smith must not be getting snaps because of his foot speed and receiving ability.

Tajh Boyd had men in the intermediate range and did not take them often enough. BC never really had to pay for the copious amount of blitzing, and that bothers me greatly about his play today, though his completion percentage was good and the passes he did throw were mostly pretty good decisions.

Overall I think we're just too predictable on offense. You know when QB Power is coming. You can immediately read the WR screens. I hope Chad is holding things back and will open the playbook but right now I'm not very optimistic.

On the flipside, our defense played an excellent game. Yes, BC has a very predictable offense too and it hurt them today, but I was really happy with our gap control. Sometimes in the past we've known what was coming and could not stop it at all, today we knew and we stopped Andre Williams cold.

DL did not get consistent pressure but it did get better over the course of the game. Much of that has to do with our guys being completely dialed in on what they were doing. The DBs mostly locked them down and the 8/9 man box stuffed their run game.

Of course the safety play has to improve, and specifically their tackling angles and maintaining leverage on the Post route or any deep middle route.

Going forward I do hope Addazio will call something besides Power and Counter though, and I think Rettig has regressed in his system slightly.