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Florida State over Clemson: Field-level highlights

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Highlights here from a somewhat different angle for you. You can see FSU's physicality pretty well from these, and they are a real joy to watch. Clemson blamed turnovers, but from what I can see, this was more just a beating.

Plus, awesome audio clips here from Gene Deckerhoff, FSU's legendary play-by-play man. William Floyd is unfortunately talking over him, as usual, but that's what happens when a school fires a solid color analyst like P.T. Willis. Even so, they are very good. Fumble and Benjamin TD 7-0 CLEM.mp3 Edwards Scoop and Score 17-0 FSU.mp3 Rashad Greene TD 24-7 FSU.mp3 opens 2nd half with a TD 34-7.mp3

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