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Florida State over Clemson: Veteran defensive leaders speak

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Streeter Lecka

FSU's defense was dominant Saturday over Clemson, holding the Tigers to one of their worst offensive efforts at home in a long time.

FSU did not force a single three-&-out, but it also did not allow any plays over 20 yards.

Here are some notes from veteran defensive leaders.

Terrence Brooks

"He was going so slow, I mean, we probably could have ran circles around him," Senior safety Terrence Brooks said of 278-pound defensive end Mario Edwards, Jr. during his fumble return for touchdown. "But I mean, I was just happy he got a ball, and we're gonna block for him."

"Coach Pruitt just kept us real confident throughout this process. He was like, if we can do what we can do, and take care of our keys, we're gonna whoop this team."

"I love the confidence we have now, it's something different than all the years I've been here. Everybody is buying in and preparing for each other. We treat everything like we're in the army."

"It's complicated, but it puts us in good position. It's a defense for good athletes. We bought into it," Brooks said of Pruitt's defense.

"I was mad that they let that overshadow my whole season," Brooks said of uninformed idiots on twitter who thought he was a bad player because of one touchdown given up in the 2012 Clemson game. "I knew I wasn't going to let that happen in this game. I come out here and impose my will and not take the blows. I just felt confident out there. I never let my mind wander off."

"I feel like we did cause pressure on them. Our front seven helped a lot and we played a lot of cover-2," Brooks said of the defense that did not allow a play of 20 or more yards. "Our secondary can match up with the best of them. We wanted to stay aggressive."

Lamarcus Joyner

"It's called shake. The safety goes under, I come over the top. Unfortunately for them, those guys weren't able to kick slide to me, and I came free. It was textbook," Joyner said of the blitz that caused the sack and fumble from Tajh Boyd.

"I was so happy, but at the same time, it was going in slow motion, almost like the matrix or something. I was like 'is this guy ever going to pick up this ball?,' I was like 'get it!,'" Joyner said of Edwards Jr.'s fumble return for touchdown. Joyner praised Edwards Jr. for losing weight and being able to come through for the team.

"They knew the windows would be tight all night long because of the secondary we have."

"I was very surprised," Joyner said when asked if he was surprised that Boyd didn't see him. "I thought he was going to look and spin out, so I had to take and hit that upfield shoulder. But for him not to see me and get a nice clean shot like that, that was textbook."

Timmy Jernigan

"From the first snap, coach Pruitt had us prepared for it," Timmy Jernigan said.

"Definitely. Defnitely. I felt like our defensive line is just as dominant as anyone else's in the country," Jernigan said of the hype about Clemson's defensive line overshadowing FSU's defensive line which motivated the Seminoles line. "We kept it between ourselves as a unit, and said we have to go out and show the world."

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